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Learning from history, social fabric and neighborhoods can evolve organically for the betterment of San Francisco, rather than calling for wholesale demolition for short-sighted economic benefits---particularly when true infill development alternatives would be both feasible and profitable.

In the words of Cathy Lentz, an organizer with the Parkmerced Action Coalition,"This project in its current state is a vision that is not in harmony with the people, place, or the environment.  It is a narrow vision, a corporate vision ... a true vision would be inclusive of present dwellings, inclusive of animals, trees, and present environment."

Planning Commissioner Kathryn Moore, an architect, sounded a similar note when she rejected the notion that the Parkmerced redevelopment should be hailed as infill, a desirable development concept that curbs sprawl by utilizing space efficiently. "Urban infill housing is defined as infill on vacant sites," Moore said, "not sites that have become vacant by demolition." She added that she believed the environmental impact review for the Parkmerced project "fails to sufficiently examine why housing demolition is even necessary."

In Moore's view, "the only reasonable alternative is a significantly redesigned ... project."

For PmAC to continue to fight and advocate for a reasonable solution to the proposed destruction of residents' homes and community and to continue to support and advocate for the rights of Parkmerced tenants we need your support.

Please donate generously.

A YouTube video: Parkmerced-What A Wonderful World


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