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About Us

The Parkmerced Action Coalition (PmAC) was incorporated in March, 2011 to represent the on going concerns of residents due to the proposed development by Stellar Management / ParkmercedLLC / Fortress Investments.  We have gone on record through public testimony at San Francisco Planning Commission,  San Francisco Board of Supervisor (BOS) Hearings, and community meetings  to express our concerns with the proposed demolition of our homes and community for developer interests and corporate profit.  In July, 2011 PmAC, along with San Francisco Tomorrow, filed a lawsuit to  halt the proposed project as it now stands. Our objections include but are not limited to:

  • VIOLATION of DUE PROCESS RIGHTS: In efforts to ramrod through the legislation approving the Development Agreement for the Parkmerced Project the Board Of Supervisors disregarded the democratic due process rights of San Francisco citizens and concerned Bay Area entities.
  • NO LEGAL GROUND for RENT CONTROL PROMISES: State of California law does not legally support the Project Developers claims and promises of guaranteed continued rent control for current residents of  Parkmerced.
  • DESTRUCTION OF OUR HOMES, HEALTHY COMMUNITY: The Project's call for the demolition of 1538 seismically sound, highly livable, spacious family-unit townhouses that constitute a major portion of San Francisco's affordable housing. This will destroy our   rent-controlled housing, their surrounding gardens, 7 acres of green open space and over 1, 500 trees.
  • HEALTH HAZARDS and ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION: The Project Environmental Impact Review (EIR) does not address the Project's negative impact on child and senior health ( increased asthma, respitory, heart disease and cancer rates),live-ability issues, human health concerns, endangered biological entities, protected species and multiple negative Bay Area environmental impacts for San Francisco Residents and surrounding communities; which are associated with the Project's long-term, 20 to 30 year demolition and construction project.  Areas of concern include, but are not limited to, traffic, air-quality, noise pollution, toxic materials and residues, water quality, watershed contamination, and loss of environmentally vital Pacific Flyway and SF Greenbelt space. The Project's findings DO NOT MEET the current  air quality and environmental legal standards.
  • SEISMIC/EARTHQUAKE CONCERNS: The Project fails to assess the current and future earthquake vulnerability in Parkmerced's   existing 13-story Towers.    Thus there are NO PROVISIONS of mitigation’s to address their retrofitting or any upgrade for tenant safety.
  • DEVELOPERS' PLAN negates S.F. Voters DECISIONS: The Project's approvals are inconsistent with policies of the San Francisco General Plan that were enacted by San Francisco's Voters as part of Proposition M as well as policies contained within the Housing Element of the general plan at the time the Approvals were granted.
  • DEVELOPERS' PLAN does NOT MEET AIR QUALITY STANDARDS: The Project EIR inadequately addresses the Greenhouse gas emission (pollution) associated with the removal of 1500 trees and the destruction seven acres of open green space . Also of primary concern are the long term and increased emissions associated with the increase of population o up to 25,000 residents (from current est. of 8000 residents) and the resulting increase of cars and traffic gridlock due to the 20-30 year construction plan. ; emissions associated with the increase of population and traffic.
  • DEVELOPERS' PROJECT, COMMUTER GRIDLOCK NIGHTMARE: The Project's attempts to characterize the demolition and  development as a “transit village” based vision. This is based on a faulty premise-that increased density leads to less dependence on cars. The Project calls for an increase of the community 3 times the current residency, there is  also a plan for an addition of 6342 parking spaces.


  1. PmAC had representation at all S.F. Planning Dept. and all related S.F. Board of Supervisors' meetings from May 2010 to date.
  2. PmAC members successfully engaged the housing rights advocates in assisting residents facing unlawful eviction due to utility billing issues.
  3. PmAC  filed articles of Incorporation to authentically represent residents interests.
  4. PmAC joined larger community associations (SFT, CSFN, METNA, SPEAK, SFTenants Union and Tenants Together, to establish a City and State wide voice for residents of Parkmerced.
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